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Rush reedita en vinilo los discos del 74 a 85 (en ingles)

Gerardo Ducros

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A run of reissues will launch next year, starting in January with 1975’s Fly By Night and ending in December with 1989’s A Show Of Hands.


All the records will be reissued on vinyl and bundled with a code for the digital audio version and high resolution digital audio release, while Fly By Night, A Farewell To Kings and Signals will also be issued on Blu-ray audio.


Earlier this year, Universal reissued the band’s self-titled 1974 debut.


January: Fly By Night


February: Caress Of Steel


March: 2112, All The World’s A Stage


April: A Farewell To Kings


May: Hemispheres


June: Permanent Waves


July: Moving Pictures, Exit… Stage Left


August: Signals


September: Grace Under Pressure


October: Power Windows


November: Hold Your Fire


December: A Show Of Hands


fuente: http://prog.teamrock.com/news/2014-12-12/rush-plan-year-of-reissues

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