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Hola a todos¡¡ se me ocurrio (ya que me pasa seguido) llegar a los setup,s utilizados en alguna cancion que te guste, ayudandonos entre todos como para llegar al sonido que te llame la atencion.

Por Ej. a mi me gustaria saber que usa Gilmour en el solo de High Hopes.

Espero que alguien conteste


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High Hopes
Acoustic nylon string guitar
Jedson lap steel guitar with open Em chord tuning (E B E G B E)
- rhythms/picking/mid-section solos; acoustic guitar
- slide solo; distortion and delay
Gibson nylon string semi-acoustic guitar
Jedson lap steel
- rhythms; nylon string guitar
- slide solo; CS-2, distortion, CE-2, delay and Doppolas

Boss CS-2
- level 2:00, attack 11:00, sustain 11:30 (o’clock)

Big Muff
- sustain 70%, volume 50-60%, tone 20-50%

Soft Sustain
- volume 12:00, tone 1:00, sustain 12:30 (o’clock)

Chandler Tube Driver #1 (volume boost)
- level 2:00, hi 2:00, low 2:00, drive 8:00 (o’clock)

Chandler Tube Driver #2 (overdrive)
- level 11:30, hi 11:30, low 3:00, drive 4:00 (o’clock)

CE-2 Chorus
- speed 11:00, depth 1:00 (o’clock)

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