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Nueva versión de Angie Bio Distortion!!!! WOW!!!

Ariel Pozzo Seredicz

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Angie, angie, when will those lows all disappear?

Angie, angie, with all those pedals out there?

With no loving in our PODs and no money in our coats

You can't buy a Mullard tube

But angie, angie, you cant say we never tried

Angie, youre beautiful, but ain't it time we play Zendrives?

Angie, I still love you, remember all those nights we played?

All the drums we beat so close seemed to all go up in smoke

Let me feedback in your Jacks:

Angie, angie, how can I set you for leads?

Oh, angie, don't you weep, all your controls still work so well

I hate that strong light in your LEDs

But angie, angie, aint it time we play Zendrives?

With no Mullards in our amps and no Fralins in our guitars

You can't say we're satisfied

But angie, I still play you, baby

Everywhere I look I see your LEDs

There aint a pedal that comes close to you

Come on baby, get more mids

But angie, angie, aint it good to play it live?

Angie, angie, they can't say we never tried

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