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Paul Gilbert Detox EQ (pedal signature)

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Home Brew Electronics saco un pedal signature de Paul Gilbert. Es un EQ con master incluido que paul utiliza para limpiar su ampli.


Paul gilbert dice que a el le gusta tocar en amplis distorcionados y limpiar a traves del control de volumen. Con este pedal, el puede setear el level en 2 y al apretarlo sonar limpio en el ampli saturado




Pagina del producto: http://www.homebrewelectronics.com/signature.html

Audio: http://www.homebrewelectronics.com/soun ... ox.wav.mp3


Lo que dice Paul Gilbert sobre el pedal:



Let’s get straight to my favorite setting for the DETOX EQ:

Treble = 4

Bass = 8

Mid = 4

Level = 2

THE IDEA: is to have your amp set to a distorted rock sound, and use the DETOX EQ to give

you a foot-switchable CLEAN sound.



For years, I have used my guitar’s volume control to “clean up†my sound, by just turning it

down. The problem is that some guitars get muddy or harsh when you turn them down. The

DETOX EQ allows you to clean up your sound, but also add a “sparkle†or any other EQ

adjustments that your specific guitar requires. I also prefer using the DETOX EQ for my clean

tone, rather than using a channel-switching amp. Single-channel amps always feel more natural

to me. The DETOX EQ allows me to keep things simple, and retain the character of my favorite



Most rock guitar players use the bridge pickup 90% of the time. When you switch on the

DETOX EQ, try switching to other pickup combinations. On guitars with two humbuckers, I

recommend using both pickups at once. This sound is great for strumming big, clean chords.

As you experiment with the controls on the DETOX EQ, try to use the Treble and Mid, and

Bass and Level as “either-orâ€. In other words, If you crank up the Treble, turn down the Mid. If

you crank up the Bass, turn down the Level. And vice versa. (The DETOX EQ will still sound

great with all the controls on “10â€, but your sound won’t be clean anymore.)

Try using a compressor pedal before the DETOX EQ. This will increase the sensitivity and

attack of your guitar, but still retain the cleanliness and sparkle. You will be amazed to hear

such clean sounds coming from your rock amp. (I recommend the H.B.E. CPR compressor.)

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Todo muy lindo ,`pero el sonido que tenia gilbert con racer x o live in tokio o san franciso con los racks y el gh 50 , nunca mas lo vamos a escuchar , es la cruda realidad ,saludos.

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