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Test de de Overdrives y Distorsiones!


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Muchachos acá les dejo un test de Tubescreamers que encontré en la we, la verdad esta buenísimo, se testean varios pedales clásicos y de la familia del Tubescramer, que lo disfruten!



Fender Custom Shop '57 Twin Amp + Carl Martin Plexitone



Fender CS '56 RI strats



Shure SM57 y Gemini condenser mic



Fulltone Fulldrive mosfet 2

Fulltone OCD

Loco box Tubemaniax '70

Boss SD1 '85

Boss BD2

Maxon OD808

jt-amps Screamer 808

Xotic BB preamp

Ibanez TS9



0:20 Single coil - clean

1:27 Single coil - crunch

2:44 Singe coil - lead

3:55 Single coil - lead solo

4:49 Humbucker - lead

6:04 Humbucker - lead solo

7:19 Noise test


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