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T-dynamics en Peavey transtube... ¿para que sirve?


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Te transcribo lo que dice el propio Hartkey Peavey en un manual donde explica la tecnología Transtube de sus amplificadores transistorizados:


We have continued to refine the TransTube circuitry adding such features as our “TDynamics® control†which effectively acts like a “power regulatorâ€â€¦ Most people ASSUME that our TDynamics control is nothing more than “master volumeâ€â€¦ WRONG! The T-Dynamics vari-ably engages a clipping circuit in the output stage that effectively lowers the power amp’s headroom, thus emulating a lower powered amp. When the T-Dynamics control is turned down, it is not just acting as a volume control for the amp, it actually decreas-es the available voltage swing just as a smaller/less powerful amplifier would do while retaining all the vital TransTube overload characteristics that so ef-fectively emulates a tube amp’s sound and feel.


Yo tengo el mismo amplificador. Me recomendaron cuando me lo vendieron que cuando lo use a altos volúmenes ponga bajo el t-dynamics, no se bien cual es la razón. Quizá sobrecarge demasiado al parlante. Algún entendido seguramente sabrá explicarlo mejor.

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