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Van Halen y el Variac

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Van Halen habla un poco de sus experimentos:


ESQ: You used a light dimmer on what?


EVH: I bought an English version, I had my 100-volt Marshall. I bought one through the recycling or the newspaper that was from England, and it was set on 220 volts. I didn’t know. So I plugged the thing in, but I’m going, “Fucking thing doesn’t work. I got ripped off.†I just let it sit there. After about an hour, there’s sound coming out, but it’s really quiet, cause it’s running on half voltage. So I go, “Hey, wait a minute. It sounds exactly like it’s supposed to all the way up, but it’s really quiet.†So we had a light dimmer in the house, and I hooked up the two leaves from the amp to the light, so I did it backwards, blew out the fuse box. Then I went down to DOW Radio and asked, “Do you guys have any kind of super duper light dimmer?†They go, “Yeah, it’s all Variac, variable transformer, you know.†And on the dial you could crank it up to 140 volts or down to zero. So I figured, if it’s on 220 and it’s that quiet, if I take the voltage and lower it, I wonder how low I can go and it still work. Well, it enabled me to turn my amp all the way up, save the tubes, save the wear and tear on the tubes, and play at clubs at half the volume. So, my Variac, my variable transformer was my volume knob. Too loud, [makes knob turning sound] I’d lower it down to 50.


ESQ: That’s amazing. But still, that was it? That was the only modification you did?


EVH: Just out of necessity. I need an amp I could play in clubs. We wouldn’t get hired, I would play so loud, you know, I’m going, what can I do? What can I do? Okay, I turned the voltage, the wall voltage into my volume knob.



Aca el link:


http://guitarsquid.com/posts/eddie-van- ... amps/9030/


Me encantaría poder hacer algo axial ... imagino que algunos componentes del circuito se deben dañar ...


Un abrazo!



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