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Diferencia entre ts 9 y ts 10


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The TS10 is the "sleeper". Available on the used market for as low as $20 in working order, it differs from the TS9 In only a few ways:


* extra 220 ohm resistor in series with the (+) input of the clipping amp

* extra emitter follower in series from the input buffer amp to the JFET switch for the bypassed condition

* Different bias voltage for the input buffer transistor.


If you jumper the 220 ohm, clip out the extra buffer transistor and connect the jfet signal coupling cap to the emitter of the input buffer, and change one resistor in the input buffer biasing circuit, you have a working TS9 in the TS10 case. From there, two resistor changes get you an 808 circuit. Both of these assume that you'll change out what is probably a dreadful opamp.


The Opamp


The TS808, the TS9, most TS9 Reissues, and some of the 10's and perhaps a few 5's came with the "JRC4558" dual opamp. Most 10's, almost all 5's and a few 9 RI's came with other opamps.


Primos directos con un par de diferencias. Ni idea si tienen variantes a nivel físico de construcción.



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