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Heerby Precision '79


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El nombre me sonaba....... lo busqué en ML y no lo encontré. Lo que encontré fue Herby o Herbie que es nada mas ni nada menos que "Cupido Motorizado" el VW escarabajo :mrgreen:


Al final lo encontré en nuestro sitio amigo el Gasoducto. El bajo tiene toda la pinta y encima viene con estuche.


Habría que ver si es una onda los bajos Tokai, que todo bien o si es una onda Hondo II, que todo no tan bien.



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Heerby - Kasuga Gakki

Kasugi was established in 1935 by Mr. Ikko Kasuga (1910-89) who was a politician (originally Japanese Socialist Party).He started this company by himself. I believe that company was ended in 1996. I'm not sure why Mr. Kasuga started the musical instruments company. Well, My impression ofMr. Kasuga was very strong mind guy. Anyhow, Kasuga made a very good guitars like Heerby and Ganson. The late 70's, they offered their original design through neck guitar as " The Kasuga" which I want to get someday.Kasuga also supplied the guitars for Yamaha as OEM. I'm not sure which model, when. If I could get more info. I would add.


catalogo 7x

http://brochures.yokochou.com/guitar-an ... index.html

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