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Chris Haskett (Rollins Band)


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Otro guitarrista olvidado!! Ya vengo haciendo justicia de varios... Jajaajaa!


Chris Haskett. Guitarrista de Rollins Band; The Enzymes; Leeds UK; Surfin Dave; New York; etc...















The BLACK ONE! This is my favorite. It’s been with me the longest and has quite a few miles on it. But not to sound too much like an ad, that’s why I

love these guitars; they just get better and better as you play them. This one has grooved in like a perfect pair of jeans. The action on it is very low without buzzes and it has a really sweet strat-neck tone in the neck-single coil position. It’s very responsive and amazingly dense for a bolt-on. A NOTE ABOUT THE WIRING. One could say the these are "custom wired" inasmuch as I had stuff taken OFF. This one, the white one and the brown one are standard 24 fret CEs. All that I had them do was replace the rotary switch with a standard Gibson style 3-way toggle pickup selector and replace the tone control with a coil canceling switch (canceling the inside coils of each pickup when the switch is up). Less is more though sometimes Les is Paul or Claypool.



The WHITE ONE! This one is pretty much identical to the black one only white.

OK, it’s not.

It IS a 24 fret CE with identical electronics to the black one but it’s tonally and behaviorally a completely different beast. Paul initially resisted my wanting an opaque white finish because he said it wouldn’t allow the wood it’s proper tone. I asked for it anyway, but he was right. For years it was much more brittle sounding than the black one and it took me a while to learn to play it in a way that works. But over the years it’s mellowed and I’ve adapted. It’s still not as buttery as the black one one but I’ve learned where its palette works.



The BROWN ONE. This is a very sweet guitar. Originally

it was identical to the other two CEs except that it had McCarty pickups in it. It’s a naturally sweet sounding guitar.

Very bluesy and the lower output of the McCarty pickups compliments that nicely. But then I got a phone call…Fernandes offered to put in a sustainer pickup for free. What musician can resist FREE??? So I let them do it as long as they didn’t carve out the guitar too much. The sustaining thing is OK and the pickup itself is pretty inoffensive and everything but I don’t really use it. I should have left well enough alone…



Epiphone PR5-E. As I’ve been doing a lot more acoustic playing lately, I’ve needed some reliable but not oh-so-precious guitars to drag in and out of clubs. I’ve settled on these for now as, if you weed through to find a good one, they really sing and also the new electrics are pretty damn good. The one in the picture is one of the originals that had a 1/4″ and an XLR but the newer ones have a cool dual piezo system that sounds really good. They’re a little light on the low end but sing the top mids. Good for my stuff but, like I say, you have to dig through some to find the ones that really sing.



Harmony Monterey. I used to have three of these “pawnshop specials†and they were all playable in exclusively different parts of the neck. Now I’m down to the “slide†one. Great for country blues. Instant 78rpm lo-fi tone and it all comes from the spraypainted finish..

Not sure of the age of this. I’m guessing mid-50s. Anybody know?



This is a gorgeous Hofner mongrel from the 50’s. The tag inside claims to be a bass body but it’s obviously a guitar. Too nice to travel, it lives in London.



Rick Kelley from Carmine St Guitars made these. I generally don’t like playing with a middle pickup but this was such a bargain and so cool I couldn’t resist. It was also an incentive/reward for starting a new project. The string spacing threw me a bit but replacing the saddles with regular tele saddles did the trick. Another of the guitars I set up for LTHB strings just because it has enough twang to make the extra oomph of a .52 E really work.



Martin D-25 k2. This one’s a bit of an oddity. It’s a regular D-25 but Koa top, back and sides. Very dark sounding and not easy to incorporate with other instruments. It’s a little quiet for using live but it has a really lovely kind of bittersweetness which is perfect for those John Martyn moments…



PRS McCarty. Unquestionably the best electric guitar I’ve ever owned. When I first got it I was so happy I called Paul and I was so happily worked up that he actually thought I was mad about something. It is just super sweet. Better than any Les Paul I’ve ever had. It really, really sings (even moreso now than I’ve reset it for light top -heavy bottom [i.e. 10-52] strings!)


Nice little story goes with this guitar:

I was at the factory doing overhauls on my CE’s as Rollins Band touring used to take its toll and the then artist rep, my friend (the remarkable and wonderful) Bonni Lloyd said, “We owe you a guitar, what do you need?†and at that point I didn’t really need anything but I said, “Well let me check out one of these new McCarty thingies.†She said, “Well we only have one right now and it’s a custom for a client but you can try it.†So there I am sitting on the floor of the room with this guitar and it is LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! This guitar is amazing. Butter. I had just gotten the second Led

Zeppelin box set and I’m sitting there playing “Bring it on home†and all this Zep stuff and I tell Bonni, “You’re NOT getting this back. I want you to get a time machine, go back in time, remake this guitar without the tremolo and then give it to me.†All the while plinking

away at Zeppelin and Bonni says, “We don’t have any time machines and we need to take the action down on that one and ship it out.â€

Just as I’m saying, “Take the action DOWN? It’ll buzz, who’d want that?†I look over at the case and the strip of tape says “;J. Pageâ€


But that’s not the end of the story: a few weeks later Bonni calls and says, “Your guitar’s ready.†“What guitar?†I enquire. “Your

McCarty†says she. "When we made the one with the trem for Jimmy Page we figured he wouldn’t actually like it so we made a standard

out of the sister cuts of the same wood. He likes his so you get the other one.†Someday maybe the two guitars will meet. I DID actually meet Jimmy Page once. Our conversation ran something like this:

ROSS HALFIN: Jimmy, this is Chris Haskett.

JIMMY PAGE (for it is he): Hello.


Or maybe I said “hello†and he said “hi†There was nobody there to transcribe this historical event so we’ll never be sure.



This guitar is fantastic. The neck is 19 feet long and it has 68,249 frets. OK, well it’s actually only 3 octaves (as if that weren’t enough) but it DOES have a fantastic built in fuzz. Like the as-yet unpictured Black SG R-1, this one made the transition from Surfin Dave to Rollins Band and I actually took it out on the first RB tour of Europe. The only other person I’ve ever seen use one is Paul Leary with the Butthole Surfers (and what amazing use he put it to!). I used it a fair bit on Come In and Burn as Steve Thompson loved the built in fuzz.



For a long time I was not actually sure what this started life as. I believed the body was either a Dan Armstrong or a Hagstrom. It turns out to be the body of a 1965 Hagstrom Viking (I only know because I just found a picture of one at the site), though I still call it the "Damn Armsrong". I got it goodness knows where in England and stuck on an old Gibson style neck I had lying around and voila a Damn Armstrong. It has two really awesome overwound single coils that give an instant George Thorogood-y type of growl. It’s amazing for slide. I used it a lot on Invisible Ray stuff and a tiny bit on Hot Animal Machine (mostly for "Move Right In"). The neck on this is now manifesting its cheapiness so I might have to throw a new one on.



Algunos Videos!







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Esto lo podías poner en la sección de guitarras y equipamiento, creo :mrgreen:


Es cierto. Pero está en la parte de usuarios. Hay una laguna ahí, no se sabe si colocarlo uno o no. Tendría que haber una sección de "Equipamiento" de no usuarios o algo así. Algún moderador que se quiera tomar el tiempo, tengo varios publicados en Charla General, si hay que mover, mover con tranquilidad.

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Esto lo podías poner en la sección de guitarras y equipamiento, creo :mrgreen:


Es cierto. Pero está en la parte de usuarios. Hay una laguna ahí, no se sabe si colocarlo uno o no. Tendría que haber una sección de "Equipamiento" de no usuarios o algo así. Algún moderador que se quiera tomar el tiempo, tengo varios publicados en Charla General, si hay que mover, mover con tranquilidad.



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