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Keeler Stretch Wah


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Bueno amigos, he aqui un nuevo Wah que a salido al mercado.



Suena recontra nasal. Creo que me suena mas balanceado con LP...pero me parece de muy buen audio, más allá de las preferencias individuales.


Especificaciones (sorry no tuve tiempo de traducirlas, copio y pego)

The Keeler Stretch Wah is a handmade wah pedal with a unique, throaty voice. The Stretch was born out of designer Rob Keeler's personal quest to build his perfect wah pedal, encapsulating the best characteristics of all his favorites from years past. The result of his experimentation is the Keeler Stretch Wah, a thick, vocal pedal that works equally well with clean or filthy tones, single coils or humbuckers. It gets along famously with other pedals as well, retaining the clarity and punch of your tone without mud or harsh high end. The Keeler Stretch wah features military spec wiring, a custom built inductor, True Bypass switching, and 9vdc or battery operation.




PD: Aguante la suscripción al PGS Channel :mrgreen:

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