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Kasha QuickMod MOD FOR AMPS

Hair Pick

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Me parecio algo novedoso e interesante. Es una mod para cualquier amp.


In less than 5 minutes the Quikmod ® converts a one channel tube amp into a two channel or a two channel into a three channel with a powerhouse of tone, gain and sustain. It is safe and easy to install, just like replacing a tube. Once installed, it can instantly switch between original and Quikmod ® sounds via footswitch. Dust off those classic amps and instantly create your next tone machine.



All tube design with 2-12AX7

Gain and Post Gain controls

Jacks - Guitar input, Amp input, Remote

Channel switching via back panel and foot switch

Power and connection through QUIKcable

Dimensions - 4.5"W x 4.25"D x 4" H

Weight - 2.5 lbs







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Me parece una excelente alternativa para el que tiene un ampli monocanal poco versatil o que necesite tener un canal mas..... :D

A mi me gusto mucho estaria muy bueno probarlo. Precios?? Y solo se vede en USA, no??


Solo se vende un usa por lo que pude averiguar, los precios el Kasha QuickMod Classic cuesta U$S352 mientras que el QuickMod Mini cuesta U$S143.

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