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Overdrive custom shop proveniente de Japón. Al parecer el bicho promete. Tiene una función que, al menos yo, no había visto en pedales que es la posibilidad de desactivar el control de tono (tipo los amps Saint Vith calculo)




Un poco de info

A member of the HAO "Premium Workshop" series of professional-grade guitar effects pedals, the Omega Drive Sixteen is a significant step forward from HAO's previous product offerings, including a complete cosmetic overhaul. The OD-16 is the culmination of several years of research and development by the HAO engineering staff, which included significant input from Japanese guitarists and other industry professionals.


Named for its internal voltage doubling circuit, the Omega Drive Sixteen effect pedal takes an incoming power supply of 9V DC and converts it to 16V DC, dramatically improving headroom and dynamic responsiveness. The tonal character of the HAO OD-16 overdrive pedal is more aggressive than the standard "Tube Screamer" overdrive, consisting of tight and punchy lows and lower mids, along with rich, sparkling harmonic overtones. The HAO OD-16 reacts very fast to picking dynamics, offering an incredible touch-responsive overdrive that perfectly complements advanced playing techniques.


Hao OD-16 Omega Drive Sixteen Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Features:

Volume, Tone, and Gain controls

Direct Tone Bypass Switch

True Bypass Switching using 3PDT

Internal voltage doubling circuitry

Compact, cast-aluminum enclosure

Ultra-bright status LED

9V battery or AC adapter operation

3-year limited warranty


Videos, malos, pero es lo que encontré :mrgreen:


Video "oficial" donde muestran un poco de que trata (practicamente no lo hacen sonar :roll: )



Este es de "The tone king", así que a los que no les gusta, no lo vean para putear :mrgreen:


Es carito, unos US$ 260 en USA.



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