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Qué guitarra usa Mark Knopfler en este video?


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mmmm, por la forma que tiene y por los mics (son lipstick, no?) yo diría que es una Danelectro, pero no reconozco que sea ninguno de los modelos que tienen ahora (sobre todo me desorienta la forma de la pala). Igualmente tengo entendido que Danelectro tiene varios modelos discontinuados, no? En fin, yo apunto para ese lado.

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Perdon por el doble post, creo que es esta:


(Edito porque es lo mismo que escribió Unicordio en el post siguiente)


Here's the original description from the 1968 Sears catalog:


1968 Solid-body Electric Guitar with an amplifier built into the case.


Dual pickup with separate tone and volume controls for each pickup plus 3-way pickup switch. Amplifier with 8-inch speaker, tremolo strength and speed controls, on-off tremolo foot switch (not included: missing), 3 tubes and rectifier in black vinyl case.

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Está buenísimo el Link Nite, pero creo que entre sus guitarras no está esa. Bah, yo no lo encontré che. Saludos


No está, es una Silverstone 1452L, del año 1968


made by Danelectro's Coral division. This is the higher-end two pick up amp-in-case model. I believe it's the last Danelectro's made for Sears. This guitar has two lipstick pickups. The amp has inputs for two guitars. The tremolo is incredible on this amp. It produces a sweet sound that can be controlled with the speed adjustment. The guitar and amplifier are fully functional.


This guitar is in excellent condition for it's age. There are a few nicks and the finish is cracking in places but that only adds to it's character. All the electronics work properly and it ROCKS! I've been using the amplifier and the sound is sweet! The Tremolo/Speed adjustments give a crazy sound! Plus it's got two Danelectro Lipstick pickups for that rocking vintage sound. The body style is like that of a Jaguar.





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